Monday, August 22, 2011

living room makeover

when roxanne moved out in june, the living/dining area of our apartment was a vast empty space. all the furniture save for a chair, a bookshelf and a dining set was roxanne's. when my mom came to visit in july we set about redecorating.

here's the dining area before:


here it is after:


where the dining table used to be, there is a sideboard that i bought and repainted but it's not quite finished. pictures will be posted once i add all the hardware and mount a wall mirror over it.

here's the living room before:


here it is after:


the orange chair and small bookcase are flea market and thrift store finds respectively. the clock also came from the arlington flea. there's a lamp that's barely visible but that also came from a thrift store and is awaiting a paint job.

the star of the room is definitely the couch. i bought this ikea futon on craigslist:


white cushions are just asking for trouble. i toyed around with a few different options. i was planning to make a large quilt to drape over the cushions to protect them. but on a whim my mom decided she'd try to sew new covers for the cushions. several yards of ikea fabric and a couple accent pillows later and the futon was transformed!


there are still a few projects in the works so expect some more pictures to come!

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